COMUNICADO: Lingoda celebrates language learning as a life-changing experience with My Lingoda. My Success

- Lingoda students share their success stories on how language learning has changed their life

- Lingoda's high quality learning environment is a key driver to successfully master a language

- Improving language skills will result in life improvements, especially for career advancement

BERLIN, 26th JANUARY, 2021 .- News Aktuell // The beginning of the year usually revolves around starting a new diet or a new exercise routine. This year, Lingoda, the number one trusted online language school, wants to show why mastering a language should be added to everyone's 2021 goals.

In 2020, Lingoda saw an increase in new students of almost 200% due to lockdowns. Leaving such a challenging year behind, Lingoda asked its students to share the reasons why they chose to learn a language and the impact language skills have on their lives. Students submitted videos to share their success stories and how they were able to reach their goals with the help of Lingoda.

Click to watch the My Lingoda. My Success. video

'There is no doubt that acquiring a new skill like learning a language proficiently takes time and commitment. However, at Lingoda we have tangible evidence of how it can dramatically improve and enrich people's lives. That's why we let real people, whose stories we read every day, tell us how Lingoda has helped them change their lives" says Lingoda's CEO Michael Shangkuan. ''It makes us extremely proud to know that our qualified, native-speaking teachers, small group classes and expertly designed learning materials, along with our communicative approach, is a solid and unique combination for our students' success. This is what drives us forward in our work. ''.

The reason students learn a new language

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